AFHS Band Booster Meeting Notes,Tuesday, November 15, 2016

In attendance:

  • Paul Rowe
  • Liz Kodadek
  • Conne Bridenbaugh
  • Julie Rubacky
  • Stacey Darbee
  • Tina DuBois


  • Sherry Perry
  • Rebecca Keller
  • Michelle & Scott Deering
  • Mike Fitzgerald

1. Treasurer’s Report: YTD Budget distributed. The fruit sale profit is showing lower than what it should be, but totals are accurate.  Expenses are good. Fundraising goal has been met already ($3k). One last order of hoodies. Transportation is not all submitted yet.  Only one invoice has been received from the county for one event, so there are some outstanding payments pending. Still have to enter numbers for parades, which are all upcoming.

2. Ways and means Report: All receipts for marching season have been turned in. Total was about $2,200 for trucks, with an additional couple of hundred for drivers. Props receipts are still to be added, around $1,500. We received lots of donations from Home Depot which helped to keep costs down.  We have drivers and crew for parade. Truck needs to be rented to transport large instruments and equipment - trying to determine size. We are possibly looking at a different rental location for better prices, pickup options.

3. Sargent at Arms Report:  forms for parades went home last week. County is requiring form for parades. 

4. Communications Report:  Conne will be sending out an update about the parade(s). Sign-up genius link will be included. We will have 4 chaperones for the bus and more to walk with the band.

5. President’s Report:  it has been suggested that we have a representative from new band parents to share feedback. To help us understand where we have gaps, and to share new ideas.  We are out of certain sizes of marching band uniforms. All concert band attire has been ordered. There is a 160-day turnaround time to order new marching band uniforms for next season. This means an order will need to be placed in February.  Date for Band banquet is May 15. Cost for Band Banquet is included in Fair Share fees.

6. Directors’ Report:  

a.      Marching Band: There was some mis-communication about the scores from Cary Band Day. Some of the students were disappointed by the placement of the band in the finals.  In our class: 89.61 4th place, 89.79 3rd place, 90.35 2nd place. 93.24 middle creek. Mr. Rowe’s comment to the students: “What would you have done for one more point at practice??” 

b.      Academic Band: Band concert on Thursday. Challenge with after school schedule- marching practice for upcoming parades.  Concert Band performs at 7pm, Wind Ensemble at 7:45. It would be nice to have the Concert Band 1 students stick around to hear the Wind Ensemble. Concert attire reminder for black dress shoes, high black socks. Guest performer at this concert is Tony Granadas, who plays with the NC Symphony, tuba player, soloist with wind ensemble. 

c.      Parades:

-        Raleigh Christmas parade. Distance is only 1.4 miles. Around Capitol Building, down Fayetteville street. Call time is 7:15 at the school. Leaving school at 8am. Starts at 9:40. On TV at 10am. We don't know our parade order. Possibly back at 11:30 if we are in the front. Could be as long as 2pm before they get back to the school.

-        Friendship Parade is December 3 in the morning. From the school to Bones at the end of the road.

-        Apex parade drop off at 3pm. We might have cheerleaders and athletes.

-        Holly springs parade December 10. Mid morning.

d.      Central District audition fees coming up soon. December 8 due date. Open to anyone in the band program. Held at Cary high school. Audition is on January 7. $8 fees. Music is posted on cork board in band room. 

e.      Question about Winter/Indoor program status: Mr. Wight is requiring a faculty member to be present for all rehearsals. Mr. Rowe is reaching out to other faculty members to see if he can get anyone else to help him out – his availability is limited. Possibly Coach Spaulding, and a new faculty member with woodwind experience. He has a conflict the week of the championships. Availability of the gym is difficult during the season for rehearsals. Also musical rehearsal starting in January and running through March.

f.       Marching Band Photographs: Lifetouch is coming in on 29th during lunch, taking a group photo first, then individuals. Envelopes with more information will be sent home. This is a fundraiser for the band. Need volunteers to facilitate during event. Possibly academic bands in spring.