Congratulations to the Patriot Regiment on a Successful Season

Congratulations to the AFHS Patriot Regiment on a fabulous season! Think about all you have accomplished. In July, almost half the band was learning to march. Over the course of the season and hundreds of “Reset….One more time”, you perfected the show and were doing Z-pulls with the best of them. You worked together, as a team, to accomplish something that none of you could have done alone.

You competed with well-established bands, made up of all four classes, and your hard work was rewarded with trophies from all competitions. You received many compliments and accolades from other bands, parents, and judges. You represented Apex Friendship High School with pride and have put this new band program on the map.

The Band Families were a large part of this fabulous season. You chaperoned, built props, hauled props, hauled equipment, plumed hats, washed uniforms, donated water, ice pops, food, time, and money. You cheered at games and competitions, and overall provided the foundation for the band.

Mr. Rowe and his Staff were the ones who started it all. Without your talent and vision, the show would never happen. You wrote drill, wrote music, and developed visuals, then spent hours working with the students to perfect it. You rode the bus with them, counseled them, and encouraged them to be their best.

If you participated in one of these roles, you were part of the 2016-2017 AFHS Patriot Regiment. It took everyone, working together, to make this season successful. Hopefully you enjoyed yourself, made new friends, and want to do it all again next year!

We look forward to welcoming new members of the Patriot Regiment next summer. Meeting new students, new families, and making next year’s vision a reality.