Academic Bands

Apex Friendship High School has two academic bands.  The Concert Band is comprised of mostly 9th and 10th grade students.  The Wind Ensemble represents students in grades 9-11, who have auditioned for this top performing group.

Both bands meet daily, and rehearse musical performances as an ensemble, while learning to excel in their personal playing abilities. The goals of the Academic Band program are to enrich the awareness of music in our culture and cultivate an appreciation for the broad history of musical performance around the world, while teaching students how to not only excel at their instrument, but to also perform exceptionally in a group setting.

The Apex Friendship High School Academic Bands participate in several adjudicated festivals throughout the year, and hold seasonal concerts in the AFHS Performing Arts Center. Students enrolled in the Academic Band classes can choose to join the AFHS Patriot Regiment and other ensembles.